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Our residential session offers an enormous opportunity to learn new cutting-edge information and research from leading authorities. One of our strengths is our faculty!

ALL instructors, whether they have written online classes or are teaching residential classes are not only certified by The Bureau For Private Postsecondary Education. They are also exciting presenters bringing a wealth of information and knowledge from their private practice to the classroom.

Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, DNS, NP
Dean and Founder, California College of Natural Medicine
President, The Wellness Center for Research & Education, Inc.
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner
BioEnergetic Medical Consultant

Theresa's path became evident when she healed herself of a uterine tumor at at 22 using natural methods.  Since Europe is well known as the leader in alternative medicine, Theresa Dale chose to complete her Naturopathic Studies in U.S.A. and Europe. The residential training awarded her a PhD in Naturopathic Sciences and Naturopathic Doctor degree (1988) at Clayton University, St. Louis, Mo, which closed in 1989.  Clayton University's prestigious Board of Directors included pioneers and experts such as Linus Pauling, and many other noted authorities. Dr. Dale has also earned the title as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist from the International Association of Applied Clinical Nutritionists.  

While attending a professional conference and training in France and Germany, Dr. Dale was exposed to Chernobyl radiation and became ill.  After diagnosis, she fled to Switzerland where they monitored the rads on the alps and the ground every 15 to 30 minutes.  She treated herself with homeopathic medicine to help neutralize and detoxify.  The food and water was contaminated so she could not totally heal herself. Two months later, she returned to the United States to continue to heal her thyroid and liver, which took approximately one year using all natural methods.

Due to Theresa’s advanced training in traditional European Naturopathy, she has practiced Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology and Clinical Nutrition in California according to CA SB 577 and before that in Austin, Tx. Even though Theresa has earned a Naturopathic Doctor degree, is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Homeopath, she is not licensed in California and does not prescribe drugs, medication or surgery i.e. does not practice Naturopathic Medicine in CA.

In 1994, Dr. Dale founded the International College of Naturopathy, Inc and when the knew bill licensing Naturopathic Doctors was approved in CA, she voluntarily decided to change the name to "California College of Natural Medicine", which is now non-profit 501c3. 

She is the inventor, researcher and instructor of advanced health methods such as NeuroPhysical Reprogramming and the Holistic Health Practitioner Training, and The Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner Training and has authoried all of the curriculum except for the Homeopathic Endocrinology Training. 

In addition, Dr. Dale invented and formulated a naturopathic and homeopathic approach to re-educating the body to make its own hormones for the professional and retail market. This method includes homeopathic hormone rejuvenation transdermal creams and oral formulas as well. She has also developed a new saliva test based on Five Element Chinese Medicine. 

Dr. Dale has authored two books Transform Your Emotional DNA and Revitalize Your Hormones.

Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D.

Dr. Mindell, revered for twenty years for his revolutionary findings on natural supplements is a professor of nutrition at Pacific Western University. In addition to writing several hundred articles on the subject of alternative health, Dr. Mindell has written more than thirty books and booklets, including the best-selling Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible and Earl Mindell's Herb Bible.  Dr. Mindell received his pharmacy degree from North Dakota State University and his doctorate in nutrition from Pacific Western University. Dr. Mindell is considered a leading expert in the area of nutrition, healing, and herbology, lecturing worldwide on these topics.

Honors: Director Corporate Board, Illinois College of Physicians and Surgeons; Irwin Award - Book Publicists of Southern California; Presidents Award for Life Long Achievement in Nutrition Ð National Nutritional Food Association.

Geoffrey Pfieffer, Ph.D.

Dr. Pfieffer has written the comprehensive homeopathic online class for CCNM  Dr. Pfieffer has earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University in addition to the following studies, degrees and certificates.  He is one of the most knowledgeable health practitioners in the field today.

  • Ph.D. Psychology, Neuropyschology, International College
  • Five Year Chinese Medicine Training program, Taoist Institute
  • Five Year European Biological Medicine Training program, Institute for Functional Medicine.  Vegatest Teacher Training, Enderlein Microscopy, Classical Homeopathy, Clinical Homeopathy, Lithotherapy, Isopathic Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Gemmotherapy. 
  • Computerized Regulation Thermography Training, Institute for Medical Thermography

Jan Head

Jan Head has been practicing Reflexology for over 22 years.  She trained in Australia under the personal tutelage of Dwight Byers, the “godfather” of American Reflexology.  Her experience in reflexology techniques, range from Ayurvedic to Metamorphosis, along with studying Auriculotherapy with Dr. Li-Chun Huang.  She is certified with the American Reflexology Certification Board (A.R.C.B.), as well as having been a past board member of the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (A.C.A.R.E.T.)

In 1984 Jan received her postgraduate Degree in Clinical Nutrition in Sydney, Australia and in 1995 completed a training program with the National Nutritional Foods Association, conducted by Bastyr College in Seattle.  In 1997 she received her Doctorate  from Curentur University in Los Angeles. In 1998 she trained with Dr. Richard Versendaal to learn the complex system of Contact Reflex Analysis.  She is a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy (1996), where she holds a fellowship

Phil Caylor

Phil Caylor is the founder of The Healing House and has been a holistic
healer for over 37 years. Phil is a graduate of the Five Branches Institute
of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist and
herbalist through the medical board of the state of California. Phil is also
certified in the areas of Massage and Medical Chi Gong.

Phil has studied in India, Asia, Israel and Europe. He has experience in
organic farming and teaches our Medical Chi Gong program.

Phil is the owner of Foundational Healing and has been part of the Santa
Cruz community for over 36 years.


Eric is experienced as a board registered and licensed Occupational Therapist in Kentucky and Indiana, doctoral training as a Traditional Naturopath practicing Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Neuro Physical Reprogramming Specialist through the California College of Natural Medicine. Additional training includes certification and competency in manual medicine such as Myofascial release/mobilization, Cranial sacral therapy, Reiki, Acupressure, Meridian therapy, Body reading, and Neuro-Muscular Therapy.

Practicing as an Occupational Therapist, Eric is also certified as an Ergonomics Specialist, Disability Analyst, International Certified Functional Evaluator and Fellow of the American Board of Disability Analysts. He has taught adjunctively graduate and doctoral level students Introduction of Occupational Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Gross Anatomy, Ergonomics and Industrial Rehabilitation at the Spalding University Aurbach School of Occupational Therapy, Jefferson Community College (Junior College of the University of Kentucky) and Indiana University.

In 2003, Eric opened Occupational Kinetics at the Center for Alternative Medicines in Louisville, KY as a fully integrated complimentary and alternative medicine center incorporating allopathic as well as naturopathic healing principles for patients interested in natural non-prescriptive medicine modalities. The center features Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Pediatrics, and Holistic Dentistry.

Eric’s treatment philosophy is rooted in the field of Functional Medicine which believes that the core clinical imbalances that underlie various disease conditions arise as environmental inputs such as diet, nutrients (including air and water), exercise, and trauma processed by one’s body, mind and spirit through a unique set of genetic predispositions, attitudes and beliefs.

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